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Welcome to Metro Photo Challenge 2014

Where photography matters!

Celebrating the 10th year of challenging amateur and professional photographers around the world in reviving and keeping real photography alive – Metro Photo Challenge 2014 is ready to challenge you in a subject only you know best – city living!

Submit your visual interpretation of any of the three city categories; My City’s Magic, Urban Escape, or My Green City - to win a unique photo expedition to the ultimate beehive of cities - New York!

My City's Magic

There is nothing in this world that’s more related and diverse to each other than cities. The city is both homogeneous and divergence, it is a place where life is a constant, from when that first sunlight hits the city skyline till the night settles and city lights accommodates something different, another kind of life.

At first glance it’s the city buzz, city crowds and compact traffic that fills the eye, but if you look close every detail, face, street or object in your city is unique. Unique in it’s life, history and culture. It can both be beautiful and rough, have a bright and dark side to it, which is all a part of the magic that empowers cities to be the grandest places created by humans.

But what makes the magic of your city? And can you capture those unique details?

My Green City

What is it that makes your city a truly green city?

Our cities are very vulnerable to climate change impact, yet at the same time they can provide very good opportunities as a leading force in the battle against climate change. Affordable, scalable solutions are available now that will enable us all to shift towards cleaner, more sustainable and thus greener cities. Change is in the air, it surrounds us. Can you capture positive changes and progress made towards combating climate change in your city to give hope for the future of our planet and humanity?

Metro Photo Challenge 2014 and the United Nations invite you to showcase that taking climate action in your urban landscape can save money and promote other benefits such as cleaner air, a better health and fun for everyone.

Urban Escape

As much as we care about these beehives of cities, we also tend to want to escape from them once in a while. The crowds, traffic noise, the routine and constant buzz. We tend to look for the silent of nature, the refreshment of a short change or this secret oasis within the city no one ever noticed but you. The escape that clears your mind, refreshes your city soul, or even wipes the board clean. So do you know about this Urban Escape, and can you capture it?

It might be a psychical place, a mental place or a companion you turn to for this escape. Maybe it’s a visualization of your own escape or someone else’s? Maybe it’s the escape you tend to or the thing you escape from that means the most to you? Escape from life or an escape to life?!