Mili Paul

I am a Delhi based Photo Enthusiast and I love to travel places with my camera. People & Culture fascinate me.
I have been a homemaker most of my adult life but my connection with art and creativity goes a long way back. In my college, I pursued fashion designing and always had a knack for creating compositions and bringing art to life. However, as I grew up and got married, I focused more on my wonderful husband who is also a photographer and our only son. My hands were always full and being a homemaker was more than a full-time job. As my son grew older and more independent, I got more time for myself and always felt the desire to reconnect with my creative side.
As soon as my son started university, suddenly I had too much free time. I picked up a camera and started learning the nuances of photography. The first time I took a camera on a weekend trip I struggled with every aspect and my images were nothing but a mess. But this was a part of the learning process for me. I Identified all of the mistakes I made. Soon my camera became a constant companion. The world had so much to offer, people, culture, life on the streets and the colours it added to life. I love capturing people and their life stories. The last two years of my life have been revolutionary and have given me a new purpose in life. Finally, the boost comes from winning my first full frame camera in SonyAlpha Instagram Portrait Photo Contest 2018.
Winter Guests at Holy river Yamuna, Delhi.
Winter Guests at Holy river Yamuna, Delhi.
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