masood bayat

I started photography since 2016.
I participated in 9 group exhibitions, including Iran Negar, in street photography.
In the portrait scene of the Hamedan artistic arena I was ranked first.
In the festival of mobile art, I had a favorite work.
I was honored as a young photographic talent at the wedding day in Hamedan province.
I have been there in the electronic magazine readers of the electronic magazine with white threads, street and war, and I had seven choices.
In Arak photo gallery, my photo and photo were selected as one of 8 works.
In the Jahyar Kordestan Film Festival I had one effect on the festival.
At the Festival of Legitimate Heritage in 1997, I was on the way to the festival campus.
In the event of an excuse for Joy Huawei, I took a photo of me with only 6 shots.
In the Hamedan City Citizen Festival, I had two photos of the festival.
In the 40th anniversary of the Qazvin Municipality, my photo was among the 10 selected mobile images.
In the permanent art festival of Hamedan province, I became first in the province.
At the 40th anniversary of Isfahan Youth Cinema, I had a photo taken to the festival.
In the photo gallery of the flag of Isfahan I had a photo taken to the exhibition.
I was hoping for a photo of the 8th film festival and the opening of the photo.
The first rank of umbra international photography awards in 2018 was in the student section of the environmental portrait.
I got the honor of the first Brand Photography competition.
Dvivkh I went to the festival of the Nowruz elements of Hamedan in 1998.
I have a performance at the Charity Fair in favor of flood victims as the Tahami Hara Flood.
And for two years I was Secretary of the Film and Film Center of the University of Malayer.
Member of the photo council of the mobilization of Hamedan artists.
I am a member of the House of Photographers of the Hamedan Art Area and I am the Malayer youth.
And I'm currently a student in the Film Studio for Young People.
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