pegah pouresmail

I am Pegah and I was born in Shiraz in 1999.
I was born in a four-member family whom were all born in May except me. I have a normal, usual life, but I think I’m not a usual person and I’m always expecting something strange to happen in my life.
I can’t stand kids at all, but they are, strangely, attracted to me.
I try to be more logical than emotional. When I was studying and trying to choose my course, I was going to choose tourism course but since the school ,which I wanted to apply, didn’t have it, my mother who herself loved photography, asked me to study in photography.
Photography should be perceived. When I hold my camera for the first time I felt a wonderful power. I could perceive photography. Now, my camera is a part of me. I live with my camera. I love photography and I wish to improve and to be able to share my knowledge and experiences with those who are interested in photography. I would love to teach it because one of my favorite goals is teaching photography. By teaching, I can both help others and improve my knowledge.
May the dreams come true

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