Soleyman Mahmoudi

I am soleyman mahmoudi . I live in iran - kurdistan . I have master degree of photography and I teach photography in art university. The subject of my photos is typography , portrait , architecture , ceremonies and ethnographic photography as a whole. The people , whom my works are about,are Kurdish people in Iraq , Turkey and especially in Iran. prizes : My most significant awards are
1. the honored diploma in Giovanni Crispy (FIAP) in Italy for Kurds of Iran photo collection
2. the first prize of architecture photos in HUMANITY PHOTO AWARD 2006 in china .
3.won two prize of the HUMANITY PHOTO AWARD 2011 in China (Documentary award and Jury,sspecial award)
4. Mountain Photography Festival is one of the ten top photographers from the UK in 2013 that was published in several prestigious journal Nature
5. photographer of choice for the Environment Exhibition 2015 in England ……..
Atkins CIWEM Environmental Photographer of the Year 2015 Shortlist6.
Water(ugly and beautiful)
Water(ugly and beautiful)
Soleyman Mahmoudi 5

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