hossein arabzadeh

Hello,I am Daniel. Actually the only Daniel in the world and born in 1995 in iran
One day I was bitten by a spider which I thought was the radioactive one and I didn't become a spider man. That was my first failure. It just hurt and my mother put an ointment on my wound.
For many years I supposed the only difference between girls and boys is the size of their hair. In other words,one of them has long hair and the other doesn't. Later,I could notice some slight differences between them. That was my second failure.
After those failures I discoverd I am an artist.I didn't get angry at my mother because of that discovery. Because I think getting angry is wrong.
Although I experienced all the seven arts,I chose photography.
I took my first photo when I was 15 years old and aftar that I came to choose conceptual and fine art photography. In fact,I prefer reading photography to taking photo. By the way,my favorite book is The Little Prince.
My mother knows what types of food I like. There is something which bothers me and that is the color of yellow has been imposed to me and I don't really like it.I am too religious and I like writing and lots of other things.
I went to university in 2016 and I chose photography as my major. I have two goals which are the first one is to help the people who are important in my life and the second one is to fulfill the first one.
To me,photography means a conversation between two people and hell with others. So you can just sit back and enjoy the dialog.
If you like to see me,bring me a box of chocolates.I really like it!

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