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Home Traveling

Every city has their secrets. Things that only can be spotted in the right place at the right time. You will need to dive into the depths of the city to find those secrets hidden from regular people. Are you ready to discover places, jobs, people and every other thing that the city keeps away from you? Reveal the secret of your city!

Travel of my Dreams

No matter where you are, cities have a particular personality that is reflected in art, fashion, food or any other kind of expressions. Every city has unique colors, textures or people that show us the soul of the city. What’s the soul of your city? Go out and capture it!


In every action, in every relationship and in all our activities there is love involved. Love drives how Metropolitans see each other and how they interact with the city. The ones who love their work, sports or just their city, are all invited to bring to light what they love and how they love it. After all, love is all you need. Find your city Love!